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Custom Manufactured Serpentine Trays for Heat Treating

Custom Vacuum Furnace Serpentine Grid
Custom Vacuum Furnace Serpentine Grid

At Alloy Fabricators of New England, Inc., we fabricated the serpentine tray pictured here for conveying earth mover parts through a roller hearth furnace for heat treatment. Built from a nickel-iron-chromium alloy to withstand the rigors of a high temperature carburizing atmosphere, it featured dimensions of 35" in length, 35" in width, and 1.5" in height. It also incorporated a removable 3.5" high fence to prevent parts from shifting off the tray when exposed to vibratory conditions created by the heavy component rolling through the heat treating furnace.

This product is an example of only one of the many serpentine trays we have fabricated. We have also manufactured them in rectangular, circular, and annular configurations in sizes up to 8" in width x 16" in length with a variety of grid patterns in depths up to 3".

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Highlights of Serpentine Trays used for Heat Treating

Product Description
Serpentine trays used for heat treating earth mover parts in a roller hearth furnace
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 35"
Width: 35"
Height: 1 1/2"
Height of Fence: 3 -1/2"
Material Used
Alloy 330 ( High in Nickel and Chromium)
Additional Facts
  • Removable fence that keeps parts from falling off the tray from vibration as they move through the furnace
  • Can be rectangular, square, circular, and annular in layout
  • Grid depths of 3" are possible and sizes of 8 feet wide x 16 feet long can be made
Industry for Use
Industrial Heat Treat Furnace Makers
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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