Fabricated High Temperature Alloys and Specialty Steels
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Alloy Fabricators of New England offers a unique capability to produce high quality long lasting parts and products for use in high temperature corrosive industrial environments. Drawing on an in-depth academic knowledge and decades of application specific experience, our Nickel alloy specialists regularly redesign OEM products to dramatically increase their usable life.

We'll even design and build to your wish list, products specific to processes being performed at your location.

Because the quality of our products affects the quality of your product, everything from our raw materials to our finished product is inspected and re-inspected to assure it will perform reliably and consistently over its entire expected life.

Industries/Markets Served

Jet Engine Manufacture and Repair
Automotive and Small Engine Manufacturing
Tool and Hardware Manufacturers
Commercial Heat Treaters
Primary Metal Extraction and Powder Metals
Firearms and Armament Manufacturers
Industrial Heat Treat Furnace Makers
Steel Mills
Oil Field Tool Makers