At Alloy Fabricators of New England, Inc., we regularly provide our customers a wide variety of services and capabilities with a special focus on providing products for high temperature and corrosive environments.

Alloy Fabricators of New England supplies fabricated furnace parts for both original equipment market, and end users. We provide replacements for major brand furnaces as well as custom designed parts for specific applications.

Our engineers regularly design refinements to OEM parts that result in dramatic increases in the service life of the parts. We fabricate from a wide variety of materials and no part is too big or complicated.

We repair virtually any manufacturers’ furnace parts, work holders, or containers. We also provide products for contaminated waste processing, aircraft, and military applications.

Our attention to detail, knowledge of special alloys and their properties, and experience forming and welding these alloys make us the logical choice for all your specialized fabricating needs. Stop searching… call us today.



  • Jet Engine Manufacture and Repair
  • Automotive and Small Engine Manufacturing
  • Tool and Hardware Manufacturers
  • Commercial Heat Treaters
  • Primary Metal Extraction and Powder Metals
  • Firearms and Armament Manufacturers
  • Industrial Heat Treat Furnace Makers
  • Steel Mills
  • Electronics
  • Oil Field Tool Makers