Custom Manufactured Muffle

With our in-depth experience serving the furnace industry, at Alloy Fabricators of New England, Inc. we fabricated the muffle highlighted here for use in the powder metals industry. We built it from Inconel alloy 601 because of its high mechanical strength and resistance to high-temperature oxidation, using mild steel for the flanges only. This particular unit features dimensions of 105″ in length x 16″ in width x 7.75″ in height, and built with three different depths of corrugation, including a 1.0″ deep x 3.0″ center configuration.

Our expert fabrication techniques ensured that this muffle was of the highest quality and met the application-specific parameters of the customer specification. We have manufactured furnace muffles in a variety of shapes and sizes that exceed the most demanding performance requirements.

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Custom Manufactured Muffle Specifications

Product Description A Muffle for used in High Temperature sintering of powdered metal parts
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesFabrication
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 105"
Width: 16"
Height: 7 ¾"
(Can come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes)
Material Used Inconel Alloy 601 With Mild Steel Flanges
Additional Facts Come in three different depths of corrugation including 1" deep x 3" center corrugation
Industry for UsePrimary Metal Extraction and Powder Metals
Standards MetCustomer Specifications

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