Custom Fabricated Alloy Baskets

At Alloy Fabricators of New England, Inc., we produced the custom designed work holders pictured here to optimize heating and quenching conditions in an automated fluid bed heat treatment line. Designed to hold automotive parts in a specific orientation to maximize heat treating uniformity and reduce distortion, they feature AISI 310 alloy construction and 330 alloy mesh liners. Measuring 23″ in diameter x 20″ in height, we configured the basket to allow for maximum part density as well as high product yields.

We have fabricated furnace baskets in an almost infinite number of configurations to meet specific customer requirements. Our vast portfolio includes cylindrical and rectangular models with specialized inserts for holding workpieces in a specific pattern and position. Materials of construction are custom tailored to withstand the severity of the service environment over and extended service life to provide customers with the best value products on the market.

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Product Description Baskets used on an automated fluid bed heat treat line
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesFabrication
Overall Part DimensionsDiameter: 23"
Height: 20"
Material Used AISI 310 alloy with 330 alloy mesh liners
Additional Facts We can make a variety of special use baskets to fit customer requirements. Baskets can cylindrical or rectangular, with specialized inserts for holding the customer's parts in certain positions to improve heat treating uniformity and to reduce distortion
Industry for UseAutomotive and Small Engine Manufacturing
Standards MetCustomer Specifications

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